About Older Men Unlimited

Friendship and support for older men on the Fraser Coast.
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Who We Are

We are an independent voluntary body providing community support for older men of every circumstance, especially those at risk to depression, dementia and suicide.

Our Mission

  • To provide the means whereby older men can sustain self-worth.
  • To afford friendship and peer support as a valuable means for combating loneliness and depression.
  • To encourage community involvement in the hope of lessening the risk of dementia.

Our Values

We Value:

  • Human dignity - in order to affirm the worth of each person.
  • Mateship - as a cornerstone in one man trusting another.
  • Friendship - so that loneliness is dispelled
  • Justice and equity - in the belief that all men deserve a fair go.
  • Courtesy and manners - to help maintain mutual respect
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Aims of OMU.

The principal aims of O.M.U. are;

  • To help older men on the Fraser Coast lead a safe and independent life with quality in the community.
  • To meet the needs and develp the interests of older men.
  • To give support and reassurance to older men who have experienced major life changing events causing severe coping difficulties.
  • To link with other agencies that offer specialist services for specific problems.

What OMU does.

  • Visit older men in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, caravan parks and private homes.
  • Gives a chance to meet other men to form friendships
  • Discuss issues relating to men.
  • Gives opportunities to pursue hobbies and to be creative
  • Gives opportunities to share skills knowledge, experiences and provides opportunities for learning.
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